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Mother's Day
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  • Clearly Sweet Love

    A beautiful, shimmery necklace with the word LOVE in red glitter and a red glitter heart imbedded in a clear resin pendant shaped like a Reese's cup. The necklace is a 33" party throw style with 6mm beads (shown). If you would prefer to dress it up a bit, request the lovely 33" 2.4mm red metallic ball chain necklace instead for an additional $1.50. A great way to celebrate the day or give to someone special that might not know it yet. A must see up close...the picture really doesn't do it justice!

  • Gasparilla/Buccaneer Pirates Necklace

    The hand-crafted pendant is approximately 1-1/2" diameter. It is made of polymer clay, and a clear acrylic cabochon with a fabulous profile that magnifies what is under it. The red beads are Czech glass, and the charms are pewter. The pirate bandana and banner are highlighted with translucent glitter. The necklace is a 33" party throw style. You may choose either a Treasure Map, Treasure Chest, Saber (sword), Pirate Ship, Skull and Crossbones, or Parrot with Pirate Hat charm. Wear them every year during Gasparilla or for your favorite team's game or a pirate party!

  • Pirate & Saber Earrings

    The earrings are made with glass seed beads, a Peruvian ceramic pirate head bead, and a pewter saber charm. The pirate head bead has a lot of detail both front and back, and is complete with his own earring!

  • Pirate & Saber Necklace

    A 1-1/2" diameter hand-crafted pendant made of polymer clay, and a clear acrylic cabochon that magnifies the pirate head below.The pirate head is a Peruvian ceramic bead and the charm is pewter. The necklace is a 33" party throw style. The profile on this is fabulous! It has a 3D quality about it and almost feels like he is watching from any angle.

  • Pirate Captain Necklace

    The pirate captain head is a wire wrapped large Peruvian ceramic bead. It has a lot of detail both front and back and is complete with a ponytail and an earring!

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